Puretec are Australian owned and based in Adelaide, SA. 

Puretec have been in business since the 1980's, designing and manufacturing  in the water treatment and filtration market. Their products continually evolve through research and development. 

Puretec products work in  a whole range of applications from domestic to commercial. They have been a Think Water Preferred Supplier for 10 years and Think Water supports and recommend their products.

Puretec Hybrid G7 Installation

A typical installation of a Puretec product by Think Water Smithton, Tasmania. This Puretec Hybrid G7 system is made up of a 2 stage pre-filter combined with a UV filtration unit. Water sourced from a rain water tank, for a farm home, where town water is not available. The water is pumped from the tank then through the filtration unit and into the home. The pump unit is a new Grundfos Scala 2 Pump. These variable speed pumps are ideal for whole of house applications, like the one pictured here.

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