Irrigation System Upgrade – Swan Hill Racecourse

February 2019

In 2019, Think Water Swan Hill joined the group of contractors chosen by Racing Victoria to upgrade the Swan Hill Racecourse. The project involved major upgrades to the racecourse surface (including irrigation) and facilities making it safer for horses and jockeys, and more water-efficient to help save on bills.

Racecourse Irrigation System Upgrade - Think Water Swan Hill

The racecourse irrigation component saw the section of the course between the 800m mark and 300m mark widened and re-cambered resulting in a re-design and installation of the irrigation system in this area.

The project included a complex schedule of stages spread out over a 4-5 week period allowing for ongoing earthworks to be completed in between. This presented as a challenge due to many trades being present on-site and time constraints on the final completion of the job.

The installation team installed the system with the assistance of a Ditch Witch and Excavator to dig the trenches for the underground system. The job was finished off using a Whacker to compact the trenches making the racecourse surface safer for the horses.

The irrigation system included sprinklers from Rainbird connected by a network of Vinidex PVC pipes and valves. The irrigation system is fully automated and remotely controlled using a G.S.I. Galcon control system from HR Products. This controller has a cloud interface resulting in the ability to easily set up schedules and monitor flow, leak detection, and fertigation from your PC or device.

Working as a team alongside the construction crew was crucial to completing the project within the specific time frame. With safety as our number one priority, we embarked on strategic project management to get the job done in time and on schedule.