A Reinke Alumigator for the Burrow family

September 2020

In September 2020 Think Water Callide Valley was commissioned to install a six-span low profile Reinke Alumigator at the Burrows property in Biloela. The project required a complete start to finish design process followed by a ten-day installation.

The project began with a friendly conversation including the Burrows family about design requirements and general planning of the project. The Callide Valley team are renowned for their efficiency in all aspects of centre pivot and lateral move irrigation systems.

The Reinke Alumigator was chosen for its light-weight aluminium build that virtually eliminates wheel tracks leaving your field in better shape throughout the season. The system is constructed using marine-grade aluminium resulting in high corrosion resistance, less maintenance, and a longer-lasting system.

Once the design process was complete and the Reinke Alumigator pieces had arrived the team began site preparation for the pivot pad and trenching to connect power and water to the field. Iplex PVC Pipe for the pipelines was used for this. This was followed by the assembly of the Reinke Alumigator.

Nelson sprinklers were chosen for use on the Alumigator due to their excellence in uniformity, precise water delivery technique, and ability to minimise conditions that cause runoff and erosion.

As the local water experts in Biloela the team at Think Water Callide Valley are highly qualified and experienced in the system design, installation, and servicing of centre pivot and lateral move irrigation systems.

The Burrows centre pivot currently waters a crop of mungbeans and will continue to be serviced and maintained by the team at Think Water Callide Valley. If you would like more information about how you could benefit from centre pivot or lateral move irrigation call today and have a chat with Mark or one of the team.