Reinke Centre Pivot Installation

January 2020

Think Water Perth

MALCOLM Hayes and his family are dairy farmers and have farmed in and around the area of Cookernup in the Shire of Harvey all their lives. The Hayes’ required a longer-term solution to provide a sustainable and consistent, quality feed to their cattle. Having reviewed various irrigation options, a 26 hectare Reinke Centre Pivot was selected as the ultimate irrigation solution for their enterprise.

The Hayes Farm Reinke Centre Pivot at work during the summer of 2019
The Hayes Farm Reinke Centre Pivot at work during the summer of 2019

In late September 2019, Mr Hayes placed an order with centre pivot experts Think Water Perth to supply and install a Reinke System. The 318-metre system was ordered from the United States of America and delivered to the farm on December 4, 2019.

Assembly of the Reinke system commenced, with all hands on deck. Mr Hayes had already been proactive and dug a trench, of just over 400m in length, to accommodate the 250-millimetre line that connects the Harvey mains water supply to the infeed of the centre pivot. Mr Hayes had also taken the opportunity, and time, to deep rip his 26ha, ready for planting.

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The Think Water Perth team took to the construction of the system and the remaining earthworks, including the concrete pad for the pivot, poly welded and installation of the 400m mainline.

The multiple truss rods and inverted truss supports were constructed to provide the primary support and stability for the Reinke Centre Pivot. This was followed by construction and installation of the unique, stress absorbing single-leg towers designed to reduce system fatigue and maintenance.

Hayes Farm Reinke Centre Pivot
Hayes Farm Reinke Centre Pivot

The system also included an 8000-litre fertiliser tank, with agitators and injector pump, to assist with fertigation. The comprehensive system is remotely controlled by the central pivot controller. 

The installation and commission process took a total of seven days, Mr Hayes then seeded the 26ha with maize seed. The Reinke Centre Pivot System has performed smoothly over the summer months ensuring efficient, effective and economical watering of the developing maize crop and resulting in the production of more than 950 tonnes of high nutritional feed for Mr Haye’s dairy cattle.

“From the beginning, the whole process of decision making and planning was an easy one, Think Water Perth, listened to our ideas to help make the plan better suited for our farm and what we needed. Communication between Think Water Perth and us was very good. This included weekend and after-hours phone calls, this never seemed to be an issue. Our decision to go with Reinke irrigator was made because of the positive support from Think Water Perth and the Reinke team. Think Water Perth were here for long hours most days to ensure the construction happened as quickly as possible. After commissioning the irrigator, it has performed faultlessly throughout the summer, and we are very happy with our decision.”

Malcolm Hayes