Remote Irrigation Controller

November 2020

In November 2020, A. Franco & Co of NSW, contacted Think Water Leeton to discuss the installation of a remote irrigation controller to their aging and almost entirely manual 30-year-old drip irrigation system.

Over time the low voltage electrical cable that controlled the 19 valves in the vineyard had become compromised from UV degradation, poor connections, and repair work resulting in several valves requiring a manual operation to facilitate irrigation. The scheduling had become inconsistent and based on convenience rather than irrigation requirements, energy usage had increased, and maintenance time management was inefficient.

After listening to the issues that had come up over time the Team at Think Water Leeton offered a series of solutions to increase the efficiency and accessibility of the system.

A Netafim NMC-Pro Controller with RadioNet was installed to facilitate remote monitoring and scheduling of irrigation from a computer or mobile device. The Team designed a cost-saving solution that grouped the valves into four clusters reducing the need for more antenna towers, labour, and trenching.

The valves were upgraded with the installation of a Netafim PRV Valve kit. This kit enabled a new finger filter, hydraulic plumbing, 3-way control valve, Aquativ solenoid coil, and pressure reducing pilot. A water meter was also installed to assist with the management and diagnostics of troubleshooting when required.

When installation and commissioning of the components were complete the farmer was happy to report time-saving and accessibility benefits for the drip irrigation system and noted the added advantage of being able to change, monitor, and schedule from his PC and mobile phone.

The client is happy with the installation of the reliable control system with remote access, which produces efficient irrigation application, management/monitoring. The continued operation of the system is assured due to like field components and the ability to monitor faults before they become problems.