Solar Pump System Provides Remote Water Supply

March 2019

HD50 Orange Pumps solar pump solution

Remote properties and communities throughout Australia continue to face ongoing difficulties with the supply of what is considered basic living needs like water and electricity. Orange Pumps has developed a cost-effective solar-powered pump solution for supplying water in remote locations.

Located near Shepparton in Victoria a fruit tree farmer relies on a creek that runs through his property as the main water supply for the farm. The farm is considered remote and therefore mains electricity is out of reach. A remote water supply solution is required to move water throughout his property.

Various options are available to solve the problem including connecting electricity to power the pump however in such an isolated location the cost of this exercise is extremely expensive. Other options include:

  • A petrol engine-driven pump could have worked but the high maintenance required to regularly fill the petrol tank was too demanding.
  • A solar-powered submersible pump might have worked but the water level of the creek changes substantially from winter to summer making installation difficult. During the winter rains, the high force of flowing water makes stabilising a submersible pump precarious.
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Recognising a gap in the market, Orange Pumps have developed a solar-powered pump package that was installed to provide a solution.

The HD50 solar-powered pump was installed 20 m from the creek, with a single suction line embedded below the creeks low water point. The system takes into consideration a 4 m suction lift ensuring the pump is clear of the high water level. Water is pumped to a storage tank 1 km away gravity is used to drip irrigate fruit trees.

The HD50 has a brushless DC motor which eliminates the need for an electronic inverter thereby reducing cost, increasing efficiency and making the system more robust. The variable-speed motor enables the pump to speed up when sunlight is strong and deliver more water. An inbuilt flow valve and circuitry automatically turn the pump on and off.

If you are looking for a similar solution for your remote property contact your local Think Water store.