Solar Pumping & Stock Water Systems

The price of solar pumping is falling in line with the reduction in price of solar panels, making the option of solar more cost effective.

Solar pumping is not just a solution for remote areas where electricity connections are uneconomic. More and more farmers are replacing the iconic windmill with solar. Windmills need to be maintained and have higher risks involving workplace health and safety. Replacement costs for windmills are now quite high, so solar is definitely worth considering. 

Think Water stores sell Gundfos Solar systems which are designed to handle the harsh conditions which occur in Australia. They are widely used throughout the country and Think Water can design, install and service these systems to suit your operational requirements.

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If you're planning on building a stock water system or upgrading an existing one, it's worth talking to your local Think Water store. They have years of experience and technical expertise in designing an energy and water efficient system. Poor design can increase the cost of operation and limit your ability to monitor and control your system remotely if required. 

Technology advances in system control and design mean you can operate with less labour and save time. Systems can also be designed to dose mineral and vitamin supplements if required.

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