Sports Field Irrigation System Upgrade – Tooleybuc Recreation Reserve

August 2018

In 2019, Think Water Swan Hill was contracted by Murray River Council to complete upgrade works on the two sports fields located at Tooleybuc Recreation Reserve. The project valued at more than $150,000 included the design and installation of a fully automatic irrigation system on Number One Sports Field and automation of the existing sprinkler system on Number Two Sports Field.

The water system was designed to give the reserve a fully independent water supply reducing the impact on water demand during dry periods as well as separating the demand placed on current irrigation infrastructure shared with the Tooleybuc Sports Club.

Irrigation System Design - Tooleybuc Sports Field

The irrigation system for Number One Sports Field was designed using Toro sprinklers, Vinidex PVC pipe, and valves. The sports field irrigation system is fully automated and remotely controlled using a G.S.I. Galcon control system from HR Products. This controller has a cloud interface resulting in the ability to easily set up schedules and monitor flow, leak detection, and fertigation from your PC or device.

A Rhino water tank was installed with an adjacent pump shed housing a Davey bore pump and GJ Dix filtration system to keep the tank full for irrigation suitable water. This system supplies water to both sports fields along with a connection to the town raw water supply.

Upgrading the existing irrigation system on Number Two Sports Field proved to be more challenging. The plan to utilise the existing pipework presented the main challenge as there weren’t any plans for the system and no one knew where the pipes had been laid. The old two-valve system was also split into a new four-valve system resulting in a more customisable irrigation schedule.

“This particular project will help reduce the impact on water demand during extreme periods of heat and separate the demand placed on current irrigation infrastructure shared with the Tooleybuc Sporting Club,” Cr Bilkey said.

“Coupled with the recent delivery of a new amenities building at the Reserve, these further upgrades are ensuring the space meets growing community infrastructure needs.”

Cr Bilkey, Mayor, Murray River Council

The modern system provides a more water effecient sports field irrigation system resulting in improved turf surfaces and even irrigation coverage. The automated control system enables scheduled watering times in the evening to reduce evaporation loss.