Sprinkler system for Broome North Primary School

January 2015

In 2014 the team at Think Water Broome where subcontracted by leading Western Australian construction company, FIRM Construction to design, supply and install a sprinkler system and controller for Broome North Primary School.

Broome North Primary School Sprinkler System Project
Irrigation at Broome North Primary School

The project was completed from April to December and required a lot of planning around the ongoing construction of the school.

Products used include Hunter ICC controller and I20 Nelson Sprinklers, Bermad Valves and Iplex pipes.

The I20 Nelson pop-up sprinkler is a versatile, efficient and reliable high-performance rotor sprinkler. With 34 nozzle options, a 4.9 m to 14.0 m radius, and six body choices, the I20 is a suitable choice for a variety of soil and plant types.

The Hunter ICC Controller is Hunter’s original commercial-grade controller. The controller has a clear easy to use dial interface allowing users to set watering times, pump and valve operation. Additional features include cycle and soak function, seasonal adjustment capability and circuit diagnostics.

Broome North Primary School Sprinkler System Project

Broome North Primary School maintains contact with the Think Water Broome for maintenance and other water management projects. FIRM Construction was very impressed with the project outcome.

The sprinkler system and controller continue to work efficiently resulting in the school being surrounded in green grass and hydrated gardens. Well done to the Think Water Broome team.