Sprinkler System Installation for New Lawn and Garden

May 2021

Early in 2021, Alphonse Ndaribwire, contacted Think Water Adelaide to help him create landscaping around his new house and install a new sprinkler system. As the house was a new build, everything had to be done from scratch including garden beds, retaining walls and establishing a beautiful new lawn. The brief was simple, “to make it look nice!”

Following a site inspection by Leon from Think Water Adelaide, the client requested a new lawn area with a pop-up sprinkler system. He wanted the convenience of a pop-up water sprinkler system as well as better water efficiency. Prior to designing the sprinkler system, Leon conducted Water Flow Tests to help him determine how many sprinklers and valves would be needed to effectively irrigate the area.

The pop-up sprinkler project consisted of six main stages:

1. Initial Site inspection

2. Measure the site prior to the design of the sprinkler system

3. Flow test and flow calculations

4. Design of Sprinkler System

5. Order all the products required for the project through Think Water. This included low-density piping, Blueline metric poly, 25mm ball valves, valve box and Rainbird pop-up sprinkler heads.

6. Installation completed April 2021

Leon and his team at Think Water Adelaide designed a two station, manual control, popup irrigation system with 15 popup sprinklers using MP rotators (MP is short for Matched Precipitation). Due to the flow rate, two stations with valves needed to be installed. A particular challenge that needed to be addressed with this project was where to locate the valve box. The valve box needed to be in a location that was high enough to prevent the valve box from flooding. The highest point in this project happened to be in the middle of the lawn so some creative thinking was required.

Another challenge was a difficult corner of the garden that had an angle of 45 degrees. A low distance sprinkler head was used to solve this problem, preventing overspray onto the footpath and runoff.

Rainbird MP Rotator pop-up sprinklers were chosen due to their adjustable water pattern, durability, water efficiency, and water savings. The way the sprinklers spray water ensures uniformity and even distribution. This means that the popup sprinklers do not need to run as long, typically for about ½ hour, and water wastage is reduced. Rainbird sprinklers have the added advantage of durability – typically lasting for a few years before replacement is required.

Pop-up water sprinkler systems for lawns require very little maintenance. About every six months, the sprinkler heads need to be pulled apart to clean the filter. This is something that can be done by the homeowner or can be done as part of a regular irrigation servicing schedule by Think Water. In this particular case study, the homeowner was happy to clean the sprinkler heads himself. About every two years it is useful to perform another flow test to check the whole irrigation system is working effectively. Water pump servicing was not necessary in this case study as the sprinkler system was a manual system connected to mains water and did not require a water pump.

Pop-up Sprinklers installed in new lawn and garden
Sprinkler System Installation

The client was very happy with the results and has been enjoying the convenience and water savings. Think Water Adelaide has received a number of referrals from this client: a testament to their level of satisfaction.