A Water Tank for Every Application

Poly Water Tanks by Bushman's Tanks

As every Australian knows, rainfall falls into one of two camps: far too little, or a great deal too much. To collect and store water in steel or poly water tanks, for the dry times is essential for the survival of farming. 

Bushman’s Tanks is an Australian owned and operated business which was originally founded in 1989 and have their roots in rural Australia. They are also a valued Think Water Preferred Supplier.

They are experts in the poly water tank industry, offering products and servicing customers across the agricultural, rural, residential, and industrial sectors. Chris Glenn, Managing Director at Bushman Tanks, has a personal understanding of the need for water on a farm having grown up on a mixed farming property. This background coupled with his manufacturing experience has allowed him to continuously develop Bushman Tanks with one focus in mind – to respond to their customer’s changing needs. 

Chris says, “Bushman’s has been built over many years, and we have more experience in making larger poly water tanks and now steel line tanks than anyone across the industry.” 

Poly water tanks - Bushmans Tanks

Rural – Bushman’s Tanks started in rural Australia and have developed a comprehensive range of water tanks, agricultural products, molasses, and liquid fertiliser tanks, in a range of shapes and sizes.

Residential – with a choice of traditional round tanks and slimline water tanks for limited space. Ranging in size and colour to suit your needs.

Industrial – A Bushman’s tank is perfect for industrial water treatment and water storage of large quantities, whether it be on a manufacturing site, transport facility, mine site or water treatment project. Industrial tank capacities range from 1000 Litres to 46,400 Litres, with the option of a blank or a fully fitted out plastic tank. These heavy-duty tanks are also suited to store a large range of chemicals. Bushman’s Aqualine tanks are a range of steel liner tanks with sizes starting at 22,500 litres going through to 363,000 litres. 

Bushman’s Tanks work with Think Water stores across Australia to deliver the best steel and poly water tanks and accessories on the market. Think Water specialises in system design, installation and maintenance of rainwater harvesting systems and water tanks. Contact your local Think Water store to learn how we can help you harvest rainwater.

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