Fire Fighting Equipment

The threat from a fire can strike at any time, particularly in regional areas during summer. Preparation and the correct fire fighting equipment are a key factor in protecting your assets and loved ones. Think Water stores offer a wide range of fire fighting equipment and the knowledge to design fire systems for small or large applications.

When creating a fire plan it’s important to do your research because your family or employees need to be able to use it easily. A good place to start gathering information is your local fire authority website. There you will find a number of resources to help plan your actions in the event of a fire in your local area.

We recommend taking the time to check out our handy guide to fire season preparation. Remember that your safety is more important than defending your home or business in the case of wildfire. Listen to your local fire authorities and leave before it is too late.

Fire equipment servicing and audits

Harsh environmental conditions can lead to breakages and worn-out equipment. It is essential to service your firefighting equipment often to make sure it’s working when you need it. Talk to your local Think Water store about servicing and auditing your fire fighting equipment before the fire season starts.

Fire fighting equipment

Product availability varies from store to store however if we don’t have what you need our active network allows us to order it in or suggest a suitable equivalent.

Fire fighting pumps

These pumps come with features such as remote start capability which means you can store them near your water supply and remotely control them in the case of a fire. We stock a variety of pumps from various suppliers including Davey, Grundfos, and Orange Pumps. Pumps can be powered by either petrol or diesel and come with single or double impellers.

Fire fighting equipment - petrol and diesel pumps
Fire Fighting Equipment - hose, reels and fittings

Fire hose, kits and reels

Fire hose comes in a variety of colours, diameters, and lengths. We stock a wide range of fire hoses in kits or as spare parts that are suitable for many different applications, including lay flat, suction, and PVC hose. Our key suppliers Crusader Hose and Advanced Industrial Products are market leaders and have been chosen by us because of their high-quality products.

Fire sprinklers

When it comes to protecting your home or property Think Water offers system design, installation, and servicing of rooftop sprinklers or perimeter sprinklers. These systems are designed to protect your home from ember attack, not radiant heat or flame.

Home or building roof top fire sprinklers
Fire fighting equipment - nozzles, fittings, clamps and sprinklers

Nozzles, fittings and clamps

Preparation is the key to survival in a fire situation. Think Water stores stock a wide range of nozzles, fittings, and clamps for fire fighting. Whether you are after a complete fire fighting system or replacement of particular parts we have the experience and knowledge to provide a solution for you.

Fire-proof water storage

Think Water has a range of Aqualine rural firefighting tanks from brands such as Bushmans Tanks. These tanks range in size from 225,000L to 363,000L and come with fire brigade friendly fittings (Storz fittings).

Fire-proof rural water storage tank
Portable fire fighting equipment

Water cartage solutions

When it comes to mobile fire fighting equipment you can’t go past the range from our Preferred Supplier Trans Tank International. Offering tanks starting from 800L in size with a trailer or slip-on setups, these systems facilitate portable fire fighting when you need it.