Water Saving Sprinklers by Toro

October 2017

Here at Think Water, we are advocates for any innovation that delivers a water saving of any kind. In fact, we promote sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in most things we do, because water is one of our most precious resources.

Adrian Onvlee, grounds manager at Wavell State High School, is responsible for managing the school grounds along with two multi-purpose sporting ovals that span over two hectares. With encouragement to improve water efficiency and mounting pressure to reduce water costs, Mr. Onvlee decided to swap the existing rotors in their irrigation system for Toro’s T5 RapidSet Stainless Steel rotors.

Water Saving Sprinklers at Wavell State High School

The ovals are open and the conditions are often windy, yet this doesn’t disturb the T5’s stream. Toro’s exclusive class-leading Airfoil™ technology creates a low-pressure zone just beneath the nozzle stream to gently glide water downward, resulting in an efficient water output and even coverage.

Having a stainless steel riser was critical for the two multi-purpose ovals. “Being a school, there are lots of different users across both ovals – inside and outside of school hours. We needed a rotor that was robust and vandal resistant”, explained Mr. Onvlee. With a reinforced stainless steel riser and nozzle base constructed from commercial-grade 304 stainless steel, the T5 series rotors fitted perfectly.

Since installing the T5 rotors Wavell State High have reduced their water usage across the two ovals by 30%. During summer each field is watered three nights a week for eight hours. “The new system runs for the same amount of time and we’ve saved 10 Kilolitres per watering cycle on each oval,” says Mr. Onvlee.

Our existing rotors had been in the ground for over 20 years and they weren’t water efficient. After investigating the alternatives we chose the Toro T5SS, and we couldn’t be happier with the performance,” says Mr. Onvlee.

If you are looking for a water-saving sprinkler or irrigation system for your school contact your nearest Think Water store. We can help with system design, installation, and ongoing maintenance.