Water Transfer Pipeline

March 2021

Think Water Leeton recently completed a water transfer pipeline project that overwhelmingly exceeded customers’ expectations. The customer requested a quote to install a pipeline fed by existing pumps to seven dams across a 6.5km distance.

After consideration of the lay of the land and other factors, the Team at Think Water Leeton got to work designing the pipeline and retrofitting it to the existing two Davey Primejet 240 volt pumps. 75mm OD Poly Pipe was chosen for the pipeline with a pressure rating of 12.5 to limit the possibility of the pipe pulling flat due to the siphoning effect. The team engaged Frank Mahoney to discuss the success of their design and received the thumbs up which meant installation could begin.

Water Transfer Pipeline

The first dam was approximately 350m downstream with an elevation difference of seven meters. The whole process ended with an approximate 37-meter elevation difference to the seventh dam.

The biggest challenge with the water transfer pipeline was to start the siphon, so an elongated strainer was installed onto the siphon inlet. Were we came through the storage bank at the uppermost elevated position we installed a T piece pointing vertically up with an isolation valve on the top. Approximately 100 meters downstream (two metres lower than the bottom of the first dam) we installed an isolation valve directly into the main.

The Davey Primejet Pumps were utilised to trickle water into the section of the pipeline. When it was full, we turned the fill isolation valve off and opened the main isolation valve, which in turn started the siphoning effect.

We considered pre-ripping the length of the line, however after consulting with Mark Fletcher from Think Water Swan Hill, he informed us that the trench tends to cave in behind as a result of the pre-ripping. The pipeline was installed with our Ditch Witch RT 95, using EF Couplers.

I consulted with the staff from Think Water Leeton, who seemed like a likable bunch. I was expecting to use my existing pumps. It was a real win for me and the environment. Very happy with the result. Simple and effective.

Business Owner