January 2018

We would like to extend a big welcome to Luke and Jess Sutton the owners of Think Water Cairns from the Think Water Family.

It has always been Luke and Jess Sutton’s dream to go out on their own. It was early 2006 as the couple was driving into Wagga from a farm where they were living, that Luke outlined his plan…

“Let’s learn our trades, get good at what we do, go and find somewhere to settle, raise a family, and go into business for ourselves.”

The rugged beauty of the tropical north captured their imaginations and they found themselves in Cairns, far north Queensland. Situated 1680 km north of Brisbane, Cairns has a population just shy of 140,000 people and is a trading hub for rural properties, mines, marine, and the tourist industry.

Luke was very excited when he arrived as he could clearly see the potential of the water and fluid management markets. Even though the existing businesses servicing those markets were doing well, the lack of proper care, service, attention, and industry knowledge to meet client’s needs was glaring. Luke brought some well-known bush hospitality, manners, laughs, and knowledge into the equation and has been very successful as a result.

Luke initially joined the industry after being employed by Irrigear in NSW. When he and his family moved north in 2006 he took up a role briefly with Total Eden in Townsville and was then transferred to Total Eden Cairns where he has been since. He has now racked up 14 years of experience, gaining knowledge and creating a network of contacts in his local markets. During Luke’s tenure at Total Eden, he worked closely with a colleague by the name of Jeff Crowe. Jeff has 26 years of industry experience and is well regarded within the region and industry. Jeff could also see a bright future as a part of Luke’s team and was keen to play a role in it.

In March 2017, with the dream still humming away, Luke met with Think Water to discuss what the group could bring to the table. He was looking for a strong brand that could assist with all the backend pitfalls in running a business, but also a group of like-minded individuals who share the same struggles and dreams. Being an “independent” just didn’t appeal to him. So, following the initial meetings, lots of back end planning, and sleepless nights, in November of 2017, the new Think Water Cairns franchise began. Soon after the dream became a reality and Think Water Cairns opened its doors for trading in late January 2018.

Think Water Cairns opened January 2018

Luke says, “Joining the Think Water Group was a no-brainer; both parties were well positioned, in the right place at the right time, and proved to be a very good fit for each other. With a few corporates muscling their way into our industry in Cairns, going out as an independent was never an option, I needed a bigger stick (Think Water) to help me set up camp right in the middle of them all.

“The team from Think Water has been amazing. Tony, Phil, Chris, Emily, and Liesle have shown full commitment right from the start and I cannot speak more highly of any of them. The support they have provided and the responses to my requests have been spot on. It really has been a fantastic start and I look forward to a long and positive relationship with the whole team.”

Tony France reports “The team at Think Water Cairns will really shake up the existing pumping and irrigation landscape in the city. Luke brings a wealth of local knowledge, new customers, experience, and expertise to the Think Water family. While they have joined for Think Water’s collective knowledge, strong national brand, and the wide range of support services the NSO offer, they will add tremendous value to the Think Water family with their diverse understanding of niche markets and help to complete a solid network of Think Water locations in far north Queensland. What makes the fit so good is that their ethics and values align so well with Think Water and our existing Members. We welcome Luke, Jess, Jeff, and the family with open arms.”